About the equivalator

The equivalator is designed to be a tool for information designers, statisticians and comparative analysts to find equivalent values for various quantities that they might wish to represent.

For example, I might know that a dozen eggs weighs 700 grams, and want to know what else weighs 700 grams. Well, that's exactly the kind of question (and coincidentally the format) that the equivalator likes! Simply enter "12 eggs weights the same amount as 700 grams" in the equivalator, and it will find another mass of items that equals your 12 eggs.

Why do I have to enter two things?

The equivalator database grows by having new items added to it by you the end user. The more input that it receives, the more connections it has to offer and the more random and varied equivalences it can provide.

What is in the future for the equivalator?

Well, I'm glad that you are still reading this! In the future, I have the following items to add:

  • graphical representations of items and comparative equivalences ( i.e. data visualisation)!
  • web API for calling the equivalator and equivalating values within a web page
  • high-resolution visualization output
  • social sharing of equivalator values



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- the equivalator.